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96 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k n ove m b e r/d e ce m b e r 2 0 2 1 SUN/MOON CIRCLES Begin in standing pose. Inhale and bring your arms up to the sky, drawing in the energy of the sun to warm or the moon to cool. Exhale, cross your hands, and then move your arms in front of you, drawing in the soothing, calming energy. Continue to move your arms in these circles. Make your movements fl uid, like water fl owing over you. See if you can keep the movements even and unbroken, exhaling down and inhaling up. WATER SWINGS is is a good practice to allow the body to detoxify with a spiral or a twist of the upper spine. In standing pose, with your lower body stabilized, allow your body to rotate back and forth. Twist your upper body as your arms follow. Move slowly and gently like you're moving through water. Practice brings more strength and exibility in the spine and helps lubricate the joints. STANDING/CLEARING POSITION This is your neutral position. Begin by planting your feet fi rmly on the ground. Put equal pressure between your feet, with your tailbone slightly tucked and your core engaged. Hold your hands in front of your navel core. This is your lower dantien, your power center. Hold your hands in the shape of a ball. With soft eyes, breathe fully from the belly. Feel the pulsating energy force between your hands as you breathe in and breathe out. This stimulates the vagus nerve. Now bring your hands to your heart center—your middle dantien—holding your hands in the shape of a ball. Feel the energy pulsating again between your hands, expanding and contracting with every inhale and exhale. Take a moment here to set your intention for this practice. Energy fl ows where intention goes. Release your hands down to your lower center. Bring your hands up to your heart again with an inhale. Wash or clear away any disharmonized energy from your personal energy fi eld, exhaling and releasing. Do this again, bringing earth energy up and washing away disharmonized energy. MEDITATE & MOVE Basic Qigong: Clearing Exercises By Angie Parris-Raney, LMT SCAN AND WATCH "Basic Qigong: Clearing Exercises" 1. Open your camera 2. Scan the code 3. Tap on notification 4. Watch! In this sequence, we present fi ve-minute qigong exercises you can do between client sessions or anytime you need to revitalize your energy.

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