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10 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k n ove m b e r/d e ce m b e r 2 0 2 1 Michael Reynolds is a tech entrepreneur, fi nancial advisor, and Star Trek nerd. He partners with Allissa Haines to create business and marketing resources for massage therapists at Massage Business Blueprint. Allissa Haines is a busy massage therapist and amateur chaos gardener. She runs a small practice in Massachusetts and partners with Michael Reynolds of Massage Business Blueprint to help her colleagues get more clients, make more money, and improve their quality of life. Lola Michelin founded the Northwest School of Animal Massage in 2001. She has practiced animal massage for over 30 years and massage for people for 17 of those years. A graduate of the animal science program at Michigan State University, she has work experience in both the veterinarian and zoological fi elds. Through the experience of injury and challenge, Cindy Williams found a new path of service to others. Her passion lies in working with elders and people who have experienced trauma and/or chronic pain, and being an educator. Yoga, massage, and meditation are her foundations of inspiration, and her knowledge of the fusion of these studies has given her what she needs to support herself and others. Aromatic plants and their volatile plant oils are a 25-year passion that lives side by side with Anne Williams's other passions for instructional design and massage education. The psychological effects of inhaled essential oils are just part of their magic. Anne says, "Every plant has a story that can change your life!" CONTRIBUTORS 52 76 64 18 32

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