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8 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k s e p te m b e r/o c to b e r 2 0 2 1 EDITOR'S NOTE Each issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine is like a buffet of information for self-development and practice profi ciency. We pride ourselves in making a varied and challenging book that complements your current status, regardless of where you are, all while providing room for inspiration and evolution. Maybe you're a research fi end? Go to page 40. Integrative health-care advocate? Go to page 22. Energy worker? Go to page 80. And who are we kidding: We know you love all things technique—this book is peppered with hands-on advice from the best names in the biz. We've known for a long time that content is king in your world. And we've learned that we can't be there for you only in print (you love to get your content through a variety of mediums). That's why over the years, our ABMP Communications Department has expanded to include webinars and continuing education, blogs and news, video for deeper demonstration, and podcasts to highlight interviews with peak performers. We do this to meet you where you are, no matter where that is. Your life is varied, your practice is your pulse. We hope you fi nd something you love inside this print publication and throughout the many association offerings we produce. DARREN BUFORD Editor-in-Chief Meeting You Where You Are Which of these scenarios most closely resembles you and your practice? • Hungry newcomer, recently graduated from school and working part time for an employer. You're grinding day in and day out but can't seem to get ahead. Your dream is to go out on your own, but you don't know where to begin. • Wily solopreneur, with some success and some setbacks, running a practice for three years. You've hit a dry spell and you're looking for retention tips and where to fi nd prospective clients. • Effi cient veteran, owning and operating a thriving business for 10 years. Your fi ve-person team is near burnout, and you're ready to hire two new employees. But after a recent poor hire—who almost ruined your reputation and business—you're skittish and wonder how this person made it through the cracks of your stellar hiring process. Good thing we've got answers for you. • Newcomer, read "Finding the Perfect Offi ce Space," page 64. • Solopreneur, read "Use the Power of Instagram to Attract Clients," page 68. • Veteran, read "Keeping Clients Safe, Part Three," page 72. This Magazine is CE Seriously. Read the magazine, go online to learn, answer some questions, and you'll receive two CE hours. Scan Away We've become familiar with QR codes in our lives. In this magazine, you'll fi nd many of them. Scan them for demonstrations that deepen the value of the written word or to learn more from our partners. Listen & Learn The ABMP Podcast is three podcasts rolled into one. Subscribe through your favorite platform or go to abmp. com/podcasts to listen to weekly interviews, pathology predicaments, and anatomy insight.

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