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L i s te n to T h e A B M P Po d c a s t a t a b m m /p o d c a s t s o r w h e reve r yo u a cce s s yo u r favo r i te p o d c a s t s 81 When fear knocks on our door, it is important to not let it in and make itself at home. It will most defi nitely commandeer your life. But fear remains the thing to fear the most. When fear knocks on our door, it is important to not let it in and make itself at home. It will most defi nitely commandeer your life. It will remind you incessantly that you will feel the shame of all of humanity if you fail. What you need is someone on your side you can trust. Ask a friend, a family member, or a trusted colleague if you can practice on them. Most people are usually game for a free massage. The key here is going to be fi nding someone who is game for some genuine communication. Before you even start, have them place one hand on Trail Guide to the Body (otherwise known as the massage therapist's bible) and the other hand in the air and solemnly swear to honestly tell you when anything feels uncomfortable. Then, open your Trail Guide, or website, or whatever trusty anatomy reference you prefer, and start to palpate the SCM. As you do, remember the following: 1. This is a long muscle that pulls at two relatively small attachments. Don't move it around a lot as it is not anchored onto much. 2. There is no baseboard behind it so do not compress down directly on it. 3. The front of the neck is yin, which means it is vulnerable, which means it is to be approached gently. 4. Play around with the movements of the head and feel how it softens or lengthens with each shift in position. And: 5. Do not forget that this is a learning moment and not an effort to impress. Growing your confi dence means changing your relationship with fear. Remain aware of when the beast is trying to get your attention. And then think about how you want to respond. INVITE FEAR IN Instead of ignoring the knock, perhaps open the door. Invite fear in and offer it a cup of tea. Give it a moment to speak, then decide that you can choose to listen or choose to quiet the beast. Pour that tea in a to-go cup. And send fear on its way. Take a closer look at the things knocking on your door. Get to know the SCM in a little more detail. Learn how strong the surrounding vessels actually are. Proceed with awareness and grace. Change the way fear talks to you. Grow your confi dence. The work you do is awesome. And your tea is delicious. "Do one thing every day that scares you." —Eleanor Roosevelt Allison Denney is a certifi ed massage therapist and certifi ed YouTuber. You can fi nd her massage tutorials at She is also passionate about creating products that are kind, simple, and productive for therapists to use in their practices. Her products, along with access to her blog and CE opportunities, can be found at SCAN AND WATCH "Massage Tutorial: The SCM"

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