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C h e c k o u t A B M P P o c k e t P a t h o l o g y a t w w w. a b m p . c o m / a b m p - p o c k e t - p a t h o l o g y - a p p . 17 you are complete, pause and gently press your half-prayer knuckle of your thumb into the space between your brow on your forehead (your third eye), and breathe for one full inhale and exhale. Then, descend your half prayer to the sternum and pause at your heart space for a full breath in and out. Repeat with your opposite hand to complete this balancing round. When you feel complete, gather your flowing energy into your belly by resting your hands palm over palm over your lower belly (or dan tien). Pause and notice how you feel. Trust in the energy you create. Trust that your energy knows where to go and your body knows how to heal itself. WHAT IN ME WANTS TO BE TRANSFORMED? Instead of rushing through, numbing out, or complaining about change, what if we use this time to fortify our relationship with the earth, with our inner and outer nature, and with the relationships that most nourish and support us? What if we use this global transformation as a catalyst to be the change we wish to see in the world? In the coming days, we invite you to make friends with change, to smile into the unknown, and rest easy in knowing we are all in this together. We are not separate from nature. Nature lives through us, and no matter what feelings of transitional uncertainty arise, we can create inner and outer space to feel nurtured, supported, and transformed. Begin to loosen the grip of expectation and assumption that dictates how things have been in the past, and feel yourself get curious. Add the sound of wonder— "Hmmm . . . "—as you ask the following questions aloud, and give yourself space to allow any sensations, feelings, or ideas to flow. Ask yourself: What in me wants to be transformed? What can I do for myself that would give me the feeling of groundedness, nourishment, and stability? How might I rest easily in my own center? Feel, Find, and Massage Your Center Gather your fingers and thumb together (like a crane's beak) over your navel, and press gently inward until you feel your own pulse. Where is your pulse? Does it feel centered? If your pulse is not centered, begin to gently knead, press, and massage your belly as you match your pressure with supportive, full, and equal inhales and exhales. Smile into your center as you feel yourself relax into your own center of presence. Continue to massage your sea of chi until you feel your pulse at the center of your navel beating clearly and steadily to the rhythm of your strong heart. RESPONDING TO THE RHYTHM Change is something we can rely on. In nature, we see flora, fauna, and wildlife responding to the rhythms and patterns of the day, month, or season. We can see ourselves reflected in nature and see the organic rhythm of our own lives shapeshifting in much the same way. When we give ourselves permission to enjoy and engage with transitions, a great reservoir of energy and support opens up and becomes available for us to access and be nourished from. Your mindful practices are a way to honor your intrinsic connection to nature, gather your resources, harmonize with earth's ever- changing rhythms, and grow a strong, powerful center of presence. Note 1. Sarita Cox, "Return to the Earth Element," Cultivating Wellness Blog, June 14, 2019, accessed June 4, 2020, Heath and Nicole Reed are co-founders of Living Metta or Living "Loving Kindness." The Reed's have been team teaching national and international workshops and retreats since 2001. They place a strong emphasis on growing body intelligence, intuition, and self-care. They invite you to join their Seasonal Virtual Retreats and their membership community for an experience of living in harmony with nature. Their bodywork, self-care videos, webinars, home-study courses, and more can be found at Watch "Centering Practices with Heath & Nicole"

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