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myofascial healing Seminar FOR THE PATIENT Encourage your patients/clients that are struggling or seem to keep losing what progress they have made, to attend the Myofascial Healing Seminar. This seminar will act as a catalyst for them, for you, for your loved ones and family to reduce their pain, headaches, women's health problems and fibromyalgia to make significant progress in their health and achieve inner tranquility, calmness and joy! FOR THE THERAPIST: HEAL YOURSELF The Myofascial Healing Seminar is also for you, the therapist, and your friends and families, providing you with an inexpensive way to lift your spirits, soothe your mind and eliminate your pain while enhancing your healing journey. "After suffering fibromyalgia for years, my pain is finally gone. I feel so much better!" ; "John is a therapist of the highest caliber. I could feel the compassion flowing from his gentle touch. The power and love within this seminar supported me in overcoming my pain." LOCATIONS AND DATES WILMINGTON, DE August 6-8, 2021 Doubletree Hotel (302) 478-6000 SEDONA, AZ February 15-17, 2021 Poco Diablo Resort (928) 282-3002 18 The Myofascial Healing Seminar will guide you to the depths of your essence for authentic healing in the most beautiful place in the world—Sedona, Arizona. Bring a friend or loved one & receive a discount of $100 each! "This seminar is so important! It has given me my life back!" SEDONA, AZ June 10-13, 2021 (½ days) Poco Diablo Resort (928) 282-3002

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