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3. Repeat for 5–10 minutes. The pace can be slow or swift depending on comfort level. There is no right or wrong. 4. Upon completion, roll onto your back and rest, noticing sensations in the body from head to toe. Neutralizing Knee Squeeze Exercise This take-home exercise is a powerful way clients can balance the musculature on both sides of the pelvis and thighs, which allows gravity to realign the pelvis and sacrum with little effort. Clients will need a fat pillow or yoga block and a yoga strap or belt for this exercise. Phase 1 1. Lie on your back with your knees directly over the hips, and lower legs and feet resting on a couch or ottoman. 2. Place the pillow or yoga block between your knees. Squeeze the knees together firmly into the pillow, then release. 3. Repeat 20 times, and perform three sets of 20 squeezes. Phase 2 1. Remove the pillow or block. Secure the strap around the lower thighs above the knees (do not strap directly around the knee joints). Knees should be hip-width apart. 2. Spread your knees apart so your thighs push against the strap, then release. 3. Repeat 20 times, and perform three sets of 20 squeezes. Phase 3 1. Leave the strap in place to keep your knees at hip-width distance, but release all effort. 2. Rest in this position for 10–20 minutes. PRESENCE IS OF THE ESSENCE We can heal what we place our attention on. When our sacred center is acknowledged, held with full presence, and properly looked after, the rest of the body receives the positive ripple effect of freedom through stability. Since 2000, Cindy Williams, LMT, has been actively involved in the massage profession as a practitioner, school administrator, instructor, curriculum developer, and mentor. She maintains a private practice as a massage and yoga instructor. Contact her at Editor's note: The Scissor Kick Exercise and Neutralizing Knee Squeeze Exercise are intended as resources for clients. The exercises should not be performed within massage sessions or progressed by massage therapists, in order to comply with state laws and maintain scope of practice. Scissor Kick Exercise This take-home exercise will assist clients with maintaining energetic movement at the base of the spine and released muscle tension around the sacroiliac and coxal joints. It also facilitates the movement of cerebrospinal fluid and can create release in the cranial region. 1. Lie face down on the floor with your head resting on your hands. The knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle. 2. Swing your feet inward and outward (both feet will swing out at the same time, then swing back in at the same time) rhythmically. Alternate which foot crosses in front of the other on the inward swing. CL ASSROOM TO CLIENT Scissor Kick Resources Chitty, John and Mary Louise Muller. Energy Exercises. Boulder: Polarity Press, 2002. Egoscue, Pete. Pain Free Living. New York: Sterling Ethos Publishers, 2011. N e w ! A B M P P o c k e t P a t h o l o g y a t w w w. a b m p . c o m / a b m p - p o c k e t - p a t h o l o g y - a p p . 31

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