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N e w ! A B M P P o c k e t P a t h o l o g y a t w w w. a b m p . c o m / a b m p - p o c k e t - p a t h o l o g y - a p p . 13 SPEAK YOUR MIND How have you remained connected to your clients during stay-at-home orders? FROM FACEBOOK I sent [clients] short videos every few weeks with an update. Many people responded saying it was really nice to see my face and hear my voice—so I'm glad I went that way instead of email or text! KATIE ROSE I made essential oil products, lotion body scrubs, [and] lip balm for their care while they were in quarantine. My clients told me how wonderful that is. DELLA BENNETT For my clients who had scheduled appointments, I would send them a text during their appointment time to check in with them. I also did a couple live feeds weekly to bring some sense of relaxation to keep them calm. This has helped, as I now have some new clients coming my way. STEFINI CARRON LIZOTTE I sent regular emails to all clients, updating my status as time has passed. I have maintained regular social media posts. I created a short video on how to give a seated massage. I also have been doing a weekly Facebook Live series called "Monday Morning Mimosa with Michelle." I try to have a new guest speaker each week. I encourage people watching live to interact, and it's been a lot of fun! MICHELLE FELUX I sent many texts. I also work with kiddos, so I mailed coloring pages and fun activities. ANASTASIA DEJULIO I tried to reach out personally to every client who had massage sessions already scheduled, either [by] text or call. I have tried to send weekly emails with information regarding reopening and current governor orders. I post weekly on Facebook, sometimes just some uplifting quote, a stretch to try at home, or again information regarding the closure. Most of my clients have standing appointments, weekly, bimonthly, etc., so I try to talk to them each time their appointments would come around. MELISSA ROOKER I sent cards and texts to those I couldn't speak with. For those with children, I found out about a virtual babysitting service from the news and sent them the link. I also sent multiple emails to keep everyone up to date on how the pandemic was affecting the massage profession as each major change happened. Lastly, I started a video series called "Massage Therapy Monday" where I focused on one part of the body and demonstrated some self-care techniques. I included the video links in the emails I sent. I also stay in contact with clients on my social media sites. The feedback for all my efforts has been incredibly positive and very encouraging. EXIE BUEHLER I periodically did Facebook Live events to check in with my clients and to show them exercises and stretching they can do at home for their self-care. They appreciated my doing that to help them with their pain and said it was nice to see my face. I miss them. AMANDA MARSDEN HULM I finally started my YouTube channel for stretches, deep- belly breathing for lymphatic drainage, and exercise. I also am continuing my monthly enewsletter. JULIA MORROW I hand delivered locally made Easter eggs for Easter and, in May, locally made ice cream to my VIPs. I told them if I can't massage them, I can feed them. I kept them up to date with what I was doing via social media posts and would do self-care videos when I would get a question about a pain they were having. I read a few bedtime stories as well. I'm back open and have been pretty steady. JOANNA GABLE

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