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THE REBEL MT technique 10 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k C O V I D - 1 9 s p e c i a l i s s u e 2 0 2 0 live in different parts of the country—or different parts of the planet. Even in my community, there are a hundred theories on exactly what is going on and how we need to move forward. Today alone, I read one article declaring that there is no end in sight and yet another professing a promise of hope. I have also read a thousand thoughts on how to manage the chaos— all holding vastly different messages. SO HOW DO WE KNOW? Yesterday, my 13-year-old son decided to make a cake. He found a recipe on the internet and pulled the ingredients from the shelves. We didn't have everything he needed—and I am not taking extra trips to the store—so I encouraged him to wing it. He responded by telling me to stop being crazy. He put on what I call his lawyer hat, and he started to bullet point all the reasons why he needed to follow the recipe to the letter. He made some valid arguments, but I countered—as moms of teenage lawyers do—and he didn't win. After all, I am Mom, but I am also the judge. After a short cooling-down period, we decided to look up a couple more recipes online. The original recipe called for buttermilk and powdered sugar. We didn't have either. Other recipes left us in the same boat. So, we were stuck. At this point, I looked at my son and asked him, "What do you know about what goes into a cake?" We had perused enough baking websites to grasp the basics, so I wanted him to tap into his imagination. He looked at me like I was the most annoying person alive at first Isolation An Invitation to Imagination By Allison Denney COVID-19 has made the world a different place. These days when I wake up, I check the news. I'm not sure why I do this. Maybe I want to stay on top of current information. Maybe I want to be a part of the conversation. Maybe I'm just curious, and it feels a little bit like rubbernecking—slowing down to see the damage. But what I suspect is that I am searching for a deeper truth. I want answers. As you do. As we all do. Who are the experts? What are they saying? What should we do? What am I allowed to do? When I read the articles and talk to my people, I find that everyone has different answers. Maybe that's because we

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