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May/June 2013

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The Ideal Massage Session What clients really want By Darren Buford ABMP recently conducted its National Consumer Survey and asked massage clients how their last session could have been better. We found the results enlightening and useful! Here are some ways for you to address their feedback. 24% want longer sessions Tip: Be sure to offer your clients the ability to extend sessions beyond 19% want more (or less) intensity 60 minutes (and come up with an Tip: Communicate carefully and frequently enticing pricing option to do so!). If your with clients to find out what kind clients only have time for a traditional of pressure they like (and don't 60-minute massage, be sure to complete the intake and get to the actual massage as like). Checking in before, during, and after sessions can help keep you on target soon as professionally with each client's wishes. possible (i.e., limit the chitchat). Darren Buford is the publications manager for ABMP. He can be reached via email at, or follow him on Twitter @darrenbuford. 70 massage & bodywork may/june 2013

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