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May/June 2013

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education classroom to client | Pathology perspectives | body awareness | functional anatomy | somatic research Perfecting Your Work Space Adapt Your Area Without Sacrificing Body Mechanics By Barb Frye Think about the last time you were in a situation where you felt as though you didn't have enough space around you—for example, standing in a crowded elevator or sitting in a packed movie theater. How did the lack of space affect your behavior, mood, and movements? In a tight or cramped space, your body mechanics can become restricted because you sense that you must conserve your range of movements and adapt yourself to the limited space. When you are concerned—consciously or unconsciously—about bumping into a wall or nearby object, you cannot give your full attention to your work (below). In this situation, your touch is negatively impacted and, chances are, so is your client's response to it. When you have adequate space, you sense that you can move freely around your table without hesitation and access a full range of body mechanics. bad! 50 massage & bodywork may/june 2013

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