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May/June 2013

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best practices busIness sIDe | Q & art | table lessons | savvy self-care do you PLAy PAndorA AT worK? According to representatives of Pandora, "Consumer versions of the Pandora service (both the free ad-supported version and premium Pandora one subscription) cannot legally be used to play music in a commercial setting." Pandora offers a Pandora for Business service in partnership with dMX, which is available for a fee at www.dmx. com/pandora. sound advice Music and Mantras for Clients and MTs By dudley evenson Sound reaches into our very depths, affecting us emotionally and physically, resonating through every cell and molecule of our being. There are many ways to use sound for self-care and self-healing, from focusing on the music you use during a session to creating your own audible mantra. during ThE SESSion The relaxing, soothing music most often used by therapists creates a peaceful ambiance for clients, but it can help calm the practitioner as well, entraining the bodily and breathing systems to a more balanced state. Use the slow pace of the music to regulate your own breathing. Along with the music, breathe in and out deeply and fully. Pay attention to your breath, noticing the thoughts that present themselves as you knead your client's shoulders. A vast array of thoughts, some welcome, some not, proceed across the inner screen of your mind. What do you do with these thoughts? You can let their random interplay be an undercurrent of your massage process, or you can decide to wash them away and give your mind a break. To help clear your mind and enhance your focus, you might want to use a mental mantra. It could be something as simple as "I am. I am. I am." Or "I give and receive healing." Whatever you choose, by repeating the positive phrase, you replace random or negative thoughts by sending a more positive message to your inner self. Repeat the mantra out loud between sessions to refocus. See what benefits await you. 39

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