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26 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k j a n u a r y / f e b r u a r y 2 0 2 0 TABLE LESSONS best practices Hope. Trust. Faith. A Powerful Progression for Making a Difference By Douglas Nelson "Better," she replied. "So much better." "I'm thrilled to hear that," I answered. "Tell me what you notice now." "I still get the sensations down my leg, but they happen with much less frequency. When they do happen, the intensity is still the same." My client, Mrs. H., was describing the symptoms of unexplained neural pain she had been experiencing in her left hip. She had struggled with this pain for the past six months, since having a surgical procedure on her low back. While the low-back surgery went well for what they were repairing, the aftermath of the surgery was unexpected neural symptoms in the path of the sciatic nerve. After some initial pharmacological treatment from her health-care providers, the advice she received from her neurologist was to wait this out, hoping the nerve pain would resolve itself over time. Not knowing where to turn, her husband and several friends suggested she see me. After several months of continued distress, she finally made that call. Today's session was our fourth. "I cannot tell you how important this improvement is to me," Mrs. H. said. "Having even a moderate change in the frequency of these symptoms is such an immense relief. After nothing had changed for so long, I was beginning to be, well, depressed about my situation. I'm sure that is why my husband was so insistent I call you. Now, I'm sorry I waited so long. Even though the improvement may not seem dramatic to anyone else, it's very powerful to me." What followed was a period of silence as we both took in the moment. Taking care to make eye contact with me, she stated, "It's about hope."

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