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Wake-up calls come when we least expect them, and for Jenni Jo McLaughlin, September 11, 2001, was her moment of clarity. It was during that horrific day in American history that McLaughlin resolved to live her life with a deeper, more significant purpose. And she has. McLaughlin says 9/11 was the catalyst to finding her niche, stepping off the corporate ladder, and living a joyous and grateful life, one filled with amazing success—and lots of adventure. Born an "Army brat," McLaughlin is a self-proclaimed nomad. "My heart skips a beat when my passport gets a new stamp," she shares, "and I've been known to live out of a backpack for months on end." So, for McLaughlin, taking her massage and bodywork practice on the road only seemed natural. "Growing up all over the globe has given me a deep appreciation and sensitivity for our differences, as well as our commonalities. And, the one thing that rings true— regardless of where in the world I am—is that people want to feel good in their skin. I am blessed to have a career that allows me to take my knowledge everywhere I go and to help [my clients] find that power that lies within to heal. How mighty is that?" INSPIRATIONS McLaughlin's first inspiration for beginning her bodywork practice in 2003, after leaving her corporate gig, was her grandmother. "I [watched] her live with the debilitating effects and frustration that comes with rheumatoid arthritis," McLaughlin says. "I grew up a little heartbroken knowing that some people are trapped by their own bodies. The seed was planted." Another profound inspiration for McLaughlin was music and musicians. "The energy around dreamers is highly contagious," she says, "so I created a niche market for myself as 'Massage Therapist to the Rock Stars.' I traveled to venues all around the Pacific Northwest, working with artists and entertainers." Although McLaughlin only toured out of state once, the tour was a big one. In 2007, she was asked to tour with country singer Faith Hill as her personal massage therapist during Hill's nationwide Soul2Soul Tour. "After our session, Faith got up from the table," she recalls, "and she asked, 'JJ, do you tour?' I said, 'Yes, I do,' and so I spent the summer touring with Faith and Tim McGraw for two and a half months of their North American tour—56 show days in total, I believe." 84 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k n o v e m b e r / d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 9 Jenni Jo McLaughlin Hits the Road in the Peace Pod Her Love of Travel, Music, and Bodywork—and Distaste for Lugging Gear—Inspired Her Airstream Conversion By Lisa Bakewell Photography by Deanna Cantrell State Lines "When [touring] with Faith Hill, which is the only tour I've been on that crossed state lines," answers McLaughlin, "I was an employee of the tour, and exclusive to working with Faith." For more information on rules and regulations when crossing state lines, view the interactive massage and bodywork state licensing requirements map at www.abmp. com/practitioners/ state-requirements. WAKE-UP CALL #2 McLaughlin's dream of taking her own show on the road started well before she toured with Hill and McGraw, but it took her "many moons"—15 years to be exact—to scrape up the courage to take the plunge. She even went as far as purchasing two vintage Airstreams years prior for that very purpose. "I ended up freaking out over the scope of the project," she says, "sabotaging my idea— and selling my Airstreams!" Finally, in 2018, McLaughlin received wake-up call number two and decided to fulfill her dream of owning a mobile studio. The

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