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Discovery. That's the hallmark of our manual therapy textbooks. Approachable, easy-to-navigate content to encourage active exploration. Remarkably clear, engaging visuals that ignite curiosity about the human body. Explore our new textbook editions. Books designed for discovery. DISCOVER Pathology Seventh Edition Critical Thinking and Practical Application A Massage Therapist's Guide to Ruth Werner Revised 5th Edition The Gold Standard for Palpatory Anatomy DISCOVER Register for FREE ACCESS to amazing study tools DETAILS INSIDE Trail Guide to the Body 6th EDITION d OVER 900,000 SOLD! OVER 350,000 SOLD! he he h Bo e Bo he he h Bo A hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones, and more ANDREW BIEL Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists Pat Archer, MS, AT ret, LMT • Lisa A. Nelson, BA, AT/R, LMT Clear, accurate, and comprehensive, this new text emphasizes the anatomy and physiology infor- mation that students need to know in order to understand the benefits, effects, indications, and contraindications of manual therapy. The book presents this knowledge in an accessible manner, aimed at engaging with students, who often struggle with retaining A&P knowledge from education to clinic. Because it's designed for manual therapy students, this text includes detailed information that is typically not included in standard A&P texts, such as a full chapter on neuromuscular and myofascial conditions, while avoiding unnecessary topics. Special features throughout the text enable students to fully grasp the connection between the science of anatomy and physiology and contemporary manual therapy practice. These include: • Lists of Primary System Components and Primary System Functions appear in all "system" chapters in the book. This "big picture" view of a system is a helpful preview tool, as well as a good study tool! • Manual Therapy icons throughout the chapter flag information of particular relevance to manual therapy students • Learning Objectives help students preview each chapter and envision what they will learn • Key Terms with pronunciations introduce students to the language being used in the chapter • What Do You Think?: Open-ended questions invite critical and creative thinking • Pathology Alerts provide brief, simple discussions of the pathophysiology, indications, and contraindications for many pathologies commonly seen by manual therapists • By the Way feature enlightens with fascinating A&P facts, explanations, and reminders to keep students interested • Summary of Key Points provide students a concise, thorough review of each chapter • Review Questions help students gauge their understanding immediately; answers are in Appendix C! Plus: Study & Review Guide for Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists, available for purchase, gives students a variety of engaging and fun learning activities to do on their own and with their peers! The Guide includes coloring and labeling activities, game show-based quizzes, as well as practice exams. The Answer Key to all exercises is in the back of the Guide. Student Online Resource Center at http:/ provides the fully searchable text online as well as supporting materials for learners, including video clips from Acland's Atlas of Human Anatomy, Stedman's Medical Dictionary audio glossary, Flash Cards, and more. See inside front cover for details. Instructor Online Resource Center at http:/ provides supporting materials for faculty, including an image bank of all figures from the book; PowerPoint presentations; lesson plans; and a test generator for classroom customization. See inside front cover for details. Focus your A&P course to the specific needs of manual therapists! Archer9781605476551-cvrmech.indd 1 10/26/18 10:34 AM

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