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COLUMNS THIS ISSUE 8 Editor's Note 10 Contributors 15 Mind of an MT 17 On the Web 18 Speak Your Mind 21 News Notes 105 Happenings 107 New Products 108 Display Showcase 110 ABMP Member Benefits 111 10-, 20-, and 30-Year Members BEST PRACTICES 22 BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS Upgrades and Renovations for Your Website By Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds 24 MINDFUL MONEY Budgeting: Making a Plan for Your Money By Amy Andrews McMaster 26 SAVVY SELF-CARE Transforming Pain Into Opportunity By Heath and Nicole Reed 28 TABLE LESSONS Addressing Client Concerns By Douglas Nelson 31 HEART OF BODYWORK Choosing Our Words Wisely By Laura Allen EDUCATION 32 CLASSROOM TO CLIENT Steps to Put Your Body Mechanics in Motion By Cindy Williams 36 PATHOLOGY PERSPECTIVES Mycoses Abounding By Ruth Werner 40 FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY Gastrocnemius By Christy Cael 42 SOMATIC RESEARCH Massage for Young People with Cystic Fibrosis By Niki Munk, PhD TECHNIQUE 89 THE SOMATIC EDGE The Many Meanings of "Preparation" By Til Luchau 94 THE MASSAGE SLOTH Uncricking the Neck By Ian Harvey 96 CLINICAL EXPLORATIONS Bicipital Tendinopathy By Whitney Lowe 100 MYOSKELETAL ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUES Enhancers in Action By Erik Dalton, PhD 102 ENERGY WORK Ancient Principles By Cyndi Dale ONLINE ONLY THE REBEL MT Listening to Pain By Allison Denney JULY/AUGUST 2019 42 89 31 24 26

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