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WHAT'S INSIDE? JULY/AUGUST 2019 FEATURES 62 MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE IN HOSPICE CARE A useful intervention employed in hospice and palliative care, manual lymph drainage has the potential to effect a powerful change in the lives of hospice patients. By John F. Mramor 68 THE BENEFITS OF MASSAGE Massage research has allowed practitioners to gather reliable information about how and for whom massage can be most helpful. This selection of excerpts from a larger piece details research on the benefi ts of massage in common client populations. By Ruth Werner 73 HIPAA Massage therapists and bodyworkers perform services that may fall under HIPAA privacy laws. Brush up on these important guidelines to ensure you stay in compliance. By Lisa Bakewell 78 TO BILL OR NOT TO BILL? Should you bill insurance companies for the services you provide? Nearly every practitioner ponders this question in their lifetime. Find out whether insurance billing is right for your practice. By Irene Diamond 84 ABMP National Massage Consumer Survey Data 86 Massage Program Graduates Continue to Decline 48 HEALING WITH SOUND Sound can help the body become its own best healer. By Roger Gabriel (Raghavanand), Chopra Center educator 54 VIBRATIONAL SOUND MASSAGE This modality distills the essence of music into harmonic, therapeutic tones. By Lisabeth Fauble 58 SOUND THERAPY AND CANCER A new sound healing program is helping patients manage cancer treatment and recovery. By Lisa Bakewell SOUND THERAPY ON THE COVER 112 ABMP MEMBER PROFILE: Laura Ann Grymes

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