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Q&A How did Float Aqua Wellness Center get its start? Float was born from Debbie Torrellas's lifelong affair with water. The journey started as a solution experienced by a Latin American woman who healed herself and decided to help and coach others to do the same. A Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Aquatic Therapist and Instructor, Watsu Practitioner, and author of The Water Kite Journey, Torrellas has mastered the art of alternative aquatic modalities at Float. What sets Float Aquatic Therapy apart from other continuing education providers? Float is the only bilingual (Spanish and English) campus of the Aquatic Therapy University (ATU), a nationally ranked, evidence-based continuing education institution in aquatic therapy. The courses are taught by Debbie Torrellas, ATU-Caribbean Campus Director, who has more than 15 years of clinical experience. Float offers a complete continuing education program for LMTs, PTs, OTs, speech pathologists, physicians, and nurses. What are the biggest things you see lacking in massage therapy and bodywork today? There isn't enough support for massage therapists and bodyworkers. We believe in extending the life of the massage therapist and bodyworker. Water provides balance, grounding, and connection with the patient's energy without the weight of gravity, thus making the work easier for the therapist. What does a Float Aquatic Wellness Center class entail? Our students' education is a combination of evidence-based theory and hands-on practice in a real-life clinical setting. We take a holistic approach from the core of the central nervous system to restore whole vitality and balance based on clinical results and empirical data from a variety of pathologies of more than 30,000 clients. What new trends or developments in the profession are you most excited about? The respect of the medical community for aquatic modalities and their establishment as the new standard of care for many conditions. We have seen an increase in physician referrals to alternative aquatic therapy based on results that have amazed them. We keep hearing from physicians, "I don't know how you do it, but it works beautifully!" Debbie Torrellas Founder of Float Aqua Wellness Center sponsored by "We believe in extending the life of massage therapists and bodyworkers. Water provides balance, grounding, and connection without the weight of gravity." EDUCATION INSPIRATION SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION

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