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22 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k j u l y / a u g u s t 2 0 1 9 BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS best practices Summer is a great time for home and office improvement projects. We love to do upgrades and projects that make our spaces better. But how often do we apply "home improvement" ideas to our massage practice websites? For many of us, our website is the most important marketing tool we have, but it's also easy to let it get stagnant. A website is not that different from your home or office, in that it can become stale, dated, or disorganized. This is compounded by the fact that technology tends to evolve at such a rapid pace that it's hard for most of us to keep up. So let's dive into a list of things you can review on your website to make sure it's in tip-top shape. Upgrades and Renovations for Your Massage Practice Website By Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds SECURITY Let's start with security. Security breaches are becoming more common, as more of our lives are intertwined with technology. Even if you are not storing sensitive information on your website, it can still be vulnerable to intrusions or defacing, and some criminals break into websites to use them as storage space for illegal files. One of the most important security-related things you can do for your website is to make sure you have an SSL certificate. SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layers" and is the technology used by banks to secure their websites. It encrypts information that gets entered into your website, like when a potential client fills out your contact form. This encryption keeps the information safe as it goes through your website. Google has recommended that all websites (no matter how big or small) use SSL. As this is a Google recommendation, it also helps you get found more often in search engines (more on that later). An SSL certificate should cost nothing, so talk to whoever hosts your website to get one activated.

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