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John Mramor fi nds it important to write, lecture, and present in-services and seminars to further the inclusion of touch to the dying. The love of his life, Betty, keeps him focused on what matters most and they share many similar interests, from laughter to mini-vacations. A former tuba player, composer, and conductor, he loves being outside and working on his N-scale 1950 train and airplane diorama. contributors 10 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k j u l y / a u g u s t 2 0 1 9 ABMP Business Personal Property Insurance Contents Coverage For Your Business Exclusive Member Benefi t Ask about our a ordable Business Personal Property contents coverage, which insures personal property that's a necessary part of your practice, like tables, computers, desks, and more. Go to or call us at 800-458-2267. Proud GenXer, grunge music fan, and classical musician, Lisabeth Fauble is a health and wellness writer and sound massage practitioner with a hippie heart and a rock 'n' roll soul. A moderate adventurer, one dream trip involves driving to Mount Everest Base Camp, but not actually hiking Mount Everest, and then beer. Allison Denney balances the juggling act of motherhood, business owner, and YouTuber with a carefully crafted diet of podcasts and coffee. Her obsession with anatomy began in massage school and exploded when she realized she could paint muscles on people. She believes our best teachers are the mistakes we make and the best path is the one with roots and bumps. Therapy and coaching clients call Irene Diamond a "pain reliever and mover improver." She gets bodies and businesses skipping. Due to a freak near-death experience, one of her goals is to be stronger—physically and mentally. BodyPump class, supporting clients, and family make her smile. Irene's passion is suicide prevention and her mission is fi nancially stable therapists.

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