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March/April 2013

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depression whiplash knee injury meet alice alice suffers lingering effects from an auto accident. she has seen many doctors and has experienced few positive results. she wants to be able to walk her dog all the way around the block without stopping once. she also would like to divorce her husband, marry the widower down the street, live without the nagging pains in her cervical spine and lumbar spine, lose 25 pounds, and look 10 years younger. and maybe not drink so much wine at night to forget how miserable she is. at this point, anyone who has been practicing for more than 30 minutes is thinking, "Most of this is not within my scope of practice." you are correct. one of the blessings—and sometimes curses—of our profession is that while our clients are vulnerable on the table, we end up knowing a lot about them. But attempting to treat or give advice in fields in which you are not trained is certainly outside your scope of practice. let's set up a referral network for alice with an eye toward sending her to several possible health-care providers who can complement our work, not replace it. following is a basic outline of common (but not all) medical and holistic professionals to whom most massage therapists can easily and appropriately refer. See what benefits await you. 93

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