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March/April 2013

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education Pathology perspectives | body awareness | functional anatomy | somatic research Transferring Clients to the Table How to Assist Wheelchair-Bound Clients By Barb Frye At times, you may have a client in a wheelchair who needs assistance getting on and off your table. When doing so, it is crucial to use proper body mechanics and have a heightened sense of body awareness. The following techniques are a guideā€”adapt them to your client's needs, abilities, and wishes. Wheelchair to Therapy Table Prep: Make sure your table is approximately the same height as the chair. Place the chair close to the table and lock the wheels. Before you begin to transfer your client, explain how you intend to move him, and stay in constant communication during the transfer. First, place your client's feet on the floor, hip-width apart, and align his ankles underneath, or slightly behind, his knees. 46 massage & bodywork march/april 2013

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