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March/April 2013

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technique classroom to client | @work | energy work | Myofascial techniques The Heart Center Infuse Yourself with Healing Energy By Ann Marie Chiasson, MD The heart center, located in the chest, is the most important energy center for healing work. The energy generated, amplified, and filtered by the heart center is intrinsically healing. When focused, the transpersonal love energy of the heart center can give clarity to a healing dynamic, a personal dynamic, or an event much more quickly than the energy of the other chakras can. Without question, the energy of the lower chakras has a big impact on healing, yet the heart center is the pinnacle of transformation. Just as the lower-chakra energies are the most important for ongoing vitality, the heart center is the most important for healing. The heart-center energy is healing for the mind as well as for the body. How we view the world affects how we perceive the experiences that happen to us. When we view the world over and over through the same filters, such as the filter of "me and mine," we can end up with repetitive thoughts and views that no longer serve our circumstances or life and that can drain our vitality and energy field. Some of our thoughts, especially repeating thoughts or thought forms, are just reflections of the energies moving through the body, or patterns of stored or stagnant energy in the body that continue to be reflected up to the mind. In other words, much of the worry and anxiety we experience stems from an unbalanced energy body, which affects our thoughts, which affect our nervous system, which then affects our mind. The thoughts aren't primary; the body is. Exploring the heart center allows us another perspective on any event or reality we are living. Working with the heart center long term can allow this to become one of our primary assemblage points through which to constellate reality. 110 massage & bodywork march/april 2013 The Energy of the Heart The energy of the heart center is an electromagnetic or vibrational field of the heart, and the heart center is the underlying field of the actual physical heart. The two influence each other the same way the energy body influences the entire physical body. Our overall energy field responds to and serves the heart center first and the other energy centers second. The Institute of HeartMath has documented that the electromagnetic field of the heart is the strongest in the body overall, specifically for concordance and entrainment.1 Concordance is the synchronization between cardiac function, respiratory rate, and the autonomic nervous system. Entrainment is the concept that we are transmitting energetic information via our energy field, consciously and unconsciously, to others and to the environment around us all the time. Entrainment affects our autonomic nervous system, especially our fightor-flight reaction. The concept of entrainment is well demonstrated in music. In music, one string of an instrument vibrating at one frequency can affect another string, bringing the second string into a harmonic vibration. In the same way, when I teach clients how to toe tap or meditate, I do the exercise with them, and in doing so, I actually transmit the vibration of the experience to them. When we say that the heart is the strongest energy field for entrainment, it means the heart has the capacity to entrain other people around us into its energy

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