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March/April 2013

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technique classroom to client | @work | Energy work | Myofascial techniques Journey to the East Asian Bodywork Therapy By Anne Williams Asian bodywork therapy (ABT) is a term that describes different forms of bodywork based on concepts from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This article briefly explores tui na, shiatsu, and Thai massage to inspire further exploration by therapists early in their massage careers. It is important to point out that these systems are complex and require in-depth study and training for mastery. As you move from your massage classroom to working with clients, concepts and methods from ABT obtained through continuing education classes can expand your perspective on wellness and In Asian bodywork therapy, the goal of treatment is to promote the harmonious flow of qi through and around the body to positively influence health and wellness. 100 massage & bodywork march/april 2013 enhance your bodywork repertory. Traditional Chinese Medicine Concepts Yin and Yang The ancient Chinese classified all phenomena as yin or yang based on observable properties related to fire and water. Yin is defined by the properties of water and any objects or phenomena that have characteristics similar to water (cold, dim, heavy, moist, or a tendency to sink). Yang is defined by the properties of fire and any objects or phenomena that have characteristics

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