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January/February 2013

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awareness to her hands and to how her fingers feel. Move her awareness through her wrists, up through the forearms, to the elbows, and finally up through her upper arm and into her shoulder region. Ask the client to notice any areas of tightness, then take her awareness to her throat and neck, and finally up to her face and head. Have your client continue to breathe deeply and encourage her to become aware of her entire body as a whole, especially how it feels now that she has become aware of each area. Ask her to note how her body feels now. Peaceful? Calm? Balanced? Now you can begin your work, all while continuing to encourage the client to breathe deeply and keep her awareness on the area being worked. By preparing your clients before you begin your table work, and helping them push the stress out of their body through the power of breath, your massage time together will be much more effective, efficient, and healing. Kris Bour, a massage therapist for 15 years, is also a continuing education provider, consultant, and educator. She can be reached at Keep the client's awareness on the breath until the mind is clear of everything but the breath. See what benefits await you. 95

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