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January/February 2013

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speak your mind Thumbs of steel! Dawn St. Leone For my hands to magically turn into hot stones. I've recently graduated, so my deep tissue isn't that great unless I'm using tools, and hot stones are my favorite. From Facebook Alicia Jett X-Ray Vision To see all the muscles and ligaments through the skin. Quita MassageTherapist Stanley Change the sheets/wash the sheets in the blink of an eye! Basha Lumanski To be able to see through the skin and see the connective tissues, the blockages and adhesions, the vertebra. Not only is my touch a supergift, but the X-ray vision, ah yes! Yoli Huard My massage superpower would be using the exact technique that would quiet the mind and relax the body. Amber Vue Multiplicity My massage power would be that I could make multiples of myself so that I could experience my own style. Jr Jones To be able to give myself a massage. Dawn Scarce I wish I knew what my own massage really feels like. Aimee Divine Unlimited energy To never feel drained or exhausted after a long day of clients. I love what I do, but it can be strenuous on my body. Inner Truth Massage My superpower would be the ability to help every single client and not feel drained after. Michelle Moore To be able to provide massage forever, continually learning and improving my technique for eternity, without causing any dysfunction or arthritis in my own body. Simply by applying touch, heat, and pressure, I would be able to send an afferent nerve impulse to stimulate the peripheral A-beta fibers, overriding the C fibers' transmission of sensory feedback to the inhibitory neuron and central nervous system and inducing an analgesic effect on the client's pain. Oh wait … we massage therapists already DO have that super power! Sara Clawson The ability to change the temperature of my hands from hot to cold and vice versa. Lucie McBeal I am a massage therapist. Do I really have need of a superpower? Lucy M. Crissinger Jacob Ward See what benefits await you. 17

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