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January/February 2013

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speak your mind If you had a massage superpower, what would it be? X-Ray Vision and Thumbs of Steel My massage superpower would be trauma release, no matter if the source was physical, emotional, or anything else. Any time clients wanted to open up and release, I would always be able to find just the right way to facilitate it. Allison Hernandez San Diego, California I believe the best superpower would be to know, as soon as your clients arrived, what their needs were and how to meet them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What could be better? Barb Iovan Livonia, Michigan I would like to have the power to actually feel and experience everything with my client, as though I had two people's complete set of perceptions at once. As a mere mortal, I can rarely achieve this sort of moment of Zen for myself. But if I could feel that trigger point, ache, soreness, blockage of energy, or whatever as my own, then with surety I could achieve the appropriate type of stimulation, stroke, pressure, scent, lighting, heat, etc. for the individual I am treating. Candi J. Doyal Ringgold, Georgia Upcoming Topics Who needs a massage the most? Deadline: February 15 Publication Date: May/June From Twitter #Massage is my superpower! Massage is … Deadline: April 15 Publication Date: July/August @JasonPeringer My #massage superpower would be complete resolution of any and every ache, pain, or complaint within three sessions. @Tanisia Email your responses to Your submission can be as short as you'd like and up to 250 words. Self-repair! @amrozek See what benefits await you. 15

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