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January/February 2013

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100% Pure, Unrefined, First-Press Golden Jojoba -free Absolutely no synthetics, no fillers or additives. Pure & Safe for even a newborn's skin Our HobaCare® 100% Pure Jojoba: The Professional's Choice Massage therapists, aestheticians, and aromatherapists use our HobaCare Jojoba on their clients and, most flattering of all, on themselves. They know our jojoba is absolutely pure; it has no fillers, additives or preservatives. And, it's incredibly versatile. Use our HobaCare Jojoba for: • all massage modalities requiring direct contact with the skin • facial massage, removing make-up and deep-cleansing the skin • revitalizing hair and scalp • enriching the skin after a shower or bath • providing soothing relief from psoriasis • conditioning and softening cuticles • soothing skin after exposure to the sun • blending essential oils (our website has many useful recipes) Available in Pesticide-Free and USDA Certified 100% Organic Gal and Half Gal (not shown), Litre, 250 ml and 125 ml. 1 oz available in pesticide-free only. HobaCare is non-allergenic. It does not stain, and does not clog pores or turn rancid. Our Jojoba has an indefinite shelf life. Pure and safe for everyone's skin The Jojoba Company The Original Jojoba Company Since 1994 no animal testing / cruelty-free no animal testing / cruelty-free Contact Us 1-800 - 2 JOJOBA ( 1-800-256-5622 )

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