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January/February 2013

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enerGy Work Liver For clients with anger, frustration, or even hate, Liver 3 is an excellent balancing point. Sensations felt by the client on this point can be sharp, like a thumbtack pushed through, depending on their heightened emotional state. This point treats the stress from the anger that manifests itself in tight tendons. The point also treats headaches, like migraines and tension headaches linked to the stress of anger and frustration. When you link it with the Yin Tang point between the eyes, it can calm the sympathetic nervous system and also lift chronic depression. The point is between the fi rst and second metatarsal bones, slightly below the cleft where they split. Often just doing a fi nger walk toward the cleft, from the web between the fi rst two toes, evokes the desired sensitive response (Image 4). going FuLL circLe We have gone full circle in our choice of organs according to the Nourishing Cycle of the Five Elements in TCM. Each time, we have connected with an organ that was probably overnourishing or overstimulating its partner. The connections and sequences are better understood in reference to the diagram of the Five Elements (Image 5). In the cycle of generation shown by the outer ring, the heart, small intestine, triple burner, and pericardium belong to the element fi re. The qi of fi re feeds earth, which includes the organs of the stomach and spleen. Earth feeds metal with qi, which contains the lungs and large intestine. From there, the qi travels to the water element, which consists of the kidneys and urinary bladder. Then, the qi feeds the element wood, which contains the liver and gallbladder. Finally, the qi ends back in the element fi re. This constant, cyclical movement and flow is symbolized by the Taiji symbol and represents the opposite of stagnation and blockage. Movement and flow represent health, whereas blockage and stagnation represent sickness. It is the therapist's task to restore the natural flow of qi throughout the mind and body. Regardless of the symptoms of pain, depression, or stress exhibited in the tissues, the guiding principle of TCM acupressure is to free the flow of qi to promote harmony and spiritual health. 5 The ordered Five-Element Cycle of traditional Chinese medicine. Wolfgang Luckmann BA, AP, LMT, is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist based in fernandina Beach, florida. He inspires his clients to take an active role in their healing through medical qigong, exercise, acupuncture, and massage. He is also a continuing education provider for massage and acupuncture and teaches more than a dozen courses across the country. See what benefits await you. 113

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