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STEREOTYPES: TRUE OR FALSE? Now, about those stereotypes. In my quest to understand the biting narrative that we are spoiled and lazy, I posed the question to a veritable cornucopia of humanity—an airport. One baby boomer with reading glasses perched atop her head told me that her children expected her to pay for their college education, and that's not something she ever would have anticipated from her parents. A fellow millennial pondered and decidedly said that the baby boomers were to blame for the state of the economy, so she did not understand why we are pigeonholed for irresponsibility. Then, there was Linden. Linden was a tall man with round glasses, a New Orleans Saints baseball cap, and a small smile. We chatted while sharing a coveted power outlet. When I asked Linden, who I would guess to be in his mid-40s, a Gen Xer, why millennials had the reputation of being so entitled, he snorted. "Because y'all are." "Can you expand on that?" I asked. "I'm a cop, alright? I've been on the force a long time. There are things that have always been done in a certain way, but these millennials are pushing back. For example, if you're on the day shift, you can go get your car serviced during normal business hours. But, if you're on the night shift, then you have to take your car in during the day on your own time and

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