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November/December 2012

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TELL ME … Why Should I Use Essential Oils? Essential oils can add a custom feel to your treatments and keep clients coming back for more ABMP Social Media Coordinator | By Abram Herman A Safe Start One of the most important factors when introducing essential oils to your practice is client safety. There is a potential for you or your clients to have adverse reactions to the oils, so make sure you're knowledgeable, and always check with clients before using something new during a session. As Joyce Clark Bryan in California suggests, "Use a minimal amount, and always be careful to ask permission first." Once you've taken the proper steps to protect your clients, there are some easy ABMP Facebook Reader Poll Do you use essential oils in your practice? 7% Never 42% Almost always 14% Rarely Did You Know? THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO "CERTIFY" THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS ARE THE COMPANIES SELLING THEM. ANY COMPANY CAN CALL THEIR OILS "THERAPEUTIC GRADE," SINCE NO REGULATION EXISTS TO DEFINE WHAT ACTUALLY CONSTITUTES A THERAPEUTIC-GRADE ESSENTIAL OIL. YOUR BEST BET IS TO STICK WITH HIGH- QUALITY, REPUTABLE COMPANIES. IF IT'S TOO CHEAP TO BE TRUE, IT'S PROBABLY SYNTHETIC. 22 massage & bodywork november/december 2012 Sometimes 37% ways to get started with essential oils. Michele Shonka from Nebraska recommends an aromatic warm-towel infusion: "Add one or two drops of essential oil to a large Crockpot filled with water, then add towels. Heat at a low temperature and use the warm towels to wipe off the oil when finished massaging each area." You can also incorporate oils by adding them to your lubricant of choice. "Allow clients to pick what they want, put a couple drops in the massage oil, and proceed with the treatment," suggests Linda Frazier of Virginia. You don't want to use more than 12 drops of essential oil for each ounce of carrier product (cream, lotion, or oil). Having clients pick an oil that resonates with their senses also adds a nice custom feel to the treatment and is a great way to set your practice apart from the competition.

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