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November/December 2012

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SPEAK YOUR MIND After a busy week of delivering hands-on work to your clients, what do you do to rejuvenate yourself? Waves, Workouts, and Weekends Living on the islands, my best friend and I have the privilege of working on all types of clients, from cruise ship tourists to pro athletes training for the Iron Man triathlon. Hawaii is a destination for relaxation and healing. After a week of sharing this aloha through our touch, we tap into the unique offerings of Hawaii to renew. We jump in the warm waters and swim with dolphins, finding ourselves in pods of up to 100 of these amazing creatures! This is not only a spiritual renewal but also a psychical one— sound therapy by way of sonar through the water, and ultimately our bodies. After a dolphin swim, you feel totally blissed out. Next is the kava bar, where we drink indigenous awa root tea out of coconut shells. This "dirt water" has a calming and sedating effect. KATRINA PAUL & ASHLEE FRIEDMAN KAILUA-KONA, HAWAII After working a busy week performing hands- on, or feet-on, sports and deep-tissue massage, I prefer to PARTY! I'll jump on a plane to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Hawaii, or wherever I can go that will guarantee music, excitement, and crazy energy. This has proven to be rejuvenating for me, and it has helped to renew my enthusiasm during a long career—20 years. If I already happen to be traveling a lot for work (cool places such as Japan, Rome, or London for the Paralympic Games), then I will do the opposite—I will spend the day at an outdoor day spa, go to a Korean day spa, or spend a day at the beach in a "ginormous" hat sipping purple umbrella drinks. UI ELI HERMOSA BEACH, CALIFORNIA After working all week, I like to paddle out for some big waves on the south side of the Huntington Beach pier. Surfing keeps me grounded. Plus, the salt water washes away any of the "stuff" I might have picked up from my clients. TERI LYNN HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA Upcoming Topics Write a 40-word bio about yourself: your practice, life, joys, etc. Ex.: "Sally Smith is a ..." Deadline: December 15 Publication Date: March/April 2013 Who needs a massage the most? Deadline: February 15 Publication Date: May/June 2013 See what benefits await you. 17

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