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November/December 2012

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technique CLASSROOM TO CLIENT | @WORK | ENERGY WORK | MYOFASCIAL TECHNIQUES Prep Your "Best-Ever" Relaxation Massage By Anne Williams Most of my friends practice advanced forms of bodywork, and I aspire to be like them. Then I think about my mother. I think about how much she enjoyed having her posture assessed when I was in massage school (she didn't). I think about how much she enjoyed it when I went through advanced training in Active Isolated Stretching (she didn't). I think about how much she enjoyed being my practice body when I learned neuromuscular therapy (she didn't). The fact is, my mother needs to have her posture assessed. She needs Active Isolated Stretching. She needs neuromuscular therapy. But what she wants is to be pampered and spoiled. What my mother wants is my "best-ever" relaxation massage; and like my mother, many of my clients want it, too. Unfortunately, relaxation massage sometimes gets a bum rap from bodyworkers who practice treatment-oriented soft-tissue systems. But clients rarely complain about a blissful session that leaves them stress-free and smiling. Focusing on relaxation massage instead of advanced techniques, however, may make it more difficult for you to stand out from your competition. So, instead of purchasing a $15,000 hydrotherapy tub, we are going to use simple massage session enhancers to give our relaxation massage a luxurious, pampering edge. MAKE MINE WARM AND COZY Think about all the ways you can ensure clients feel warm and cozy. Start with a heating pad under your massage sheets. If you have an old, frayed table warmer, throw it out and invest in a plush, modern design that will distribute heat evenly and shut off automatically if you forget about it. (It might be time for some new massage sheets, too.) 100 massage & bodywork november/december 2012

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