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A B M P m e m b e r s e a r n F R E E C E a t w w w. a b m p . c o m / c e b y r e a d i n g M a s s a g e & B o d y w o r k m a g a z i n e 93 include the overnight disappearance of a tumor; a sudden return of muscle strength after paralysis; or an angelic voice preventing a car accident. I term these marvels subtle energy miracles. As a bodyworker, you'd like to be a vehicle for both types of miracles, but you can't force a miracle. In fact, demanding a miracle, especially a subtle one, is equivalent to trying to make a teenager clean their room. Your opinion alone isn't going to go very far. You can increase the chances of supporting both physical and subtle miracles by working with forces. Technically, a force is a push or pull on an object. As long as two or more objects— or teenagers, thoughts, or just about anything—are interacting, a force exists between them. In general, that force will influence a situation negatively, positively, or have a neutral effect. If a car strikes another car, the impact will damage both vehicles. If two people kiss, the force will (hopefully) create loving feelings. If a stranger accidently touches your hand, you probably won't even notice. Forces can travel great distances, carrying charges from the people or objects that generated them. Those charges might be measurable, in which case they are considered physical, or unmeasurable, in which case they are subtle, or also called spiritual or psychic. Most forces are loaded with both types of energies. IDENTIFYING FORCES Energy is information that moves. As Einstein said, everything is made of energy—and that includes a tight muscle, bodily pain, feeling, or thought. There are two types of energy, however, and the success of your bodywork—and interaction with forces—depends on understanding the difference between them. Physical energy is concrete and measurable. When a bodyworker assesses a client's issues, they are usually evaluating a client's physical energy. Are the muscles tight or loose? Is the client sleeping well or experiencing insomnia? Bodywork training includes making these assessments, and also using physical means to enable positive change. When a bodyworker uses their tools and techniques appropriately, the body will slowly transform, creating miracles that are linear and logical. On the other hand, subtle energy is incalculable and barely perceptible. It's the stuff we can't see, hear, or perceive unless we intuitively approach it. Often called psychic and spiritual energy, subtle energies comprise the feelings, thoughts, attitudes, information, and memories that cause physical reality. When subtle energies shift quickly, the client is apt to experience a similarly sudden change, hence the "wow" that accompanies subtle energy miracles. I've found that most acute, chronic, or long-term somatic disorders are anchored in subtle energy imbalances. This is because subtle energies serve as the trellis upon which physical energies organize. As a bodyworker, you can work with both physical and subtle energies at the same time by mapping the forces that lock the problem in the body. UTILIZING THE FORCES As explained already, forces are the result of interactions between two or more causal agents and carry charges that cause either negative, positive, or neutral impacts. A little-known fact is that forces might be physical, subtle, or both. Knowing how to work with both types of forces is the key to powerful healing. A physical force is measurable and responds well to physical treatment. For instance, imagine a client was hit in the arm with a baseball when sitting in the bleachers, the ball veering off a hitter's bat. She has an egg-shaped bruise and her shoulders are tight. Physically, the injury is caused by a physical force created by the interaction between the ball and the bat, which then interacted secondarily with the client's arm. The damage is directly related to the speed of the physical charges that hurled into As a bodyworker, you can work with both physical and subtle energies at the same time by mapping the forces that lock the problem in the body.

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