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Roll up a blanket lengthwise and situate one end against your sacrum. The blanket will span the length of your spine, so choose something moderately soft, but that will create lift. Place pillows or a bolster under your knees and extend your legs. Use your hands just behind your hips to support you as you roll down onto the rolled blanket. Press the blanket up beneath your cervical spine for more support. Extend your arms to the sides, palms facing up. Allow your scapula to wrap around the blanket. Clear your mind and lie resting for at least 10 minutes. Target areas Total body relaxation. Benefits Activates the parasympathetic nervous system; invites the anterior body to open passively while the posterior body releases and shortens. Since 2000, Cindy Williams, LMT, has been actively involved in the massage profession as a practitioner, school administrator, instructor, curriculum developer, and mentor. She is the school education manager for ABMP and continues to maintain a private practice as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. Contact her at Lie on your belly with arms along your sides, palms up, and forehead resting on the floor. Press your pubic bone into the floor to lengthen your lumbar spine. Press the tops of your feet into the floor. Inhale and lift just your upper body. Press your palms toward the sky. Gaze slightly forward. Gently lift the base of your skull toward the ceiling. Release on an exhale. For added benefit, you can also lift your legs. Target areas Upper, middle, and lower spine; glutes; backs of legs. Benefits A good starting point for deeper backbends; rather than stretching long, tight muscles, it engages them and resets movement patterns on the posterior body; stretches shortened muscles along the anterior body; and lengthens chest, abdominals, and quads. Lie on your back, legs together, feet flexed, and heels pressing toward the end of your mat. Press your left leg into the ground and bring your right knee toward your right lateral rib cage. On an exhale, use your left hand to bring your bent right leg across your body. Keep both shoulders on the ground. Extend your right arm to the side or overhead. Look to the left, straight up, or to the right. To release, use your left hand on the inside of your right knee to guide your leg back to neutral. Repeat on the other side. Target areas Chest, low back, hips. Benefits Wrings out and massages internal organs, stretches the spine and back muscles, and stretches the low back, lateral hip, and iliotibial band. LOCUST SUPINE TWIST RESTORATIVE SAVASANA 4 5 6

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