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March/April 2012

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education PATHOLOGY PERSPECTIVES | BODY AWARENESS | FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY | SOMATIC RESEARCH You've Got Mail Custom Research Alerts Delivered to Your Inbox By Diana L. Thompson It is impossible to catch up on all the published research on massage, regardless if you're new to the task or not. But all of us can stay current on research as it is published, if we can make a habit of reading an article a day, or even an article a week. Some of us already have expertise in searching for and reading research as it pertains to specific questions that arise, but we have yet to develop habits about reading research on a consistent basis. Or, research may have been in the back of your mind as you feel the push toward evidence-informed practices, yet you resisted it. Perhaps this issue of Massage & Bodywork, with a featured focus on research, has brought the subject to the forefront and made your desire for information gained from research more palpable and prominent. In any case, staying current on today's research is easier than catching up on two decades of accelerated growth in massage research, and much more manageable than you think. Today's technology makes it possible to keep informed and access the research you care about from the convenience of your email inbox. You no longer need to master advanced search vocabulary (Medical Subject Headings terms and Boolean operators), nor do you have to set aside time, pick a topic, and search a database. Once you opt in to receive research alerts, all you need to do is scan your email and click on an article that interests you. Customize your alerts and ensure you are only getting information that matches your interests. Now that you are ready to become a regular consumer of research, where do you begin? Where do you go to access articles that interest you? How do you decide what to read? Is it acceptable to read summaries of research instead of reading the original article itself? If so, whose translation do you trust? RESEARCH NEWS If the thought of consuming full-text research articles is still daunting, find sources that summarize current research and opt in to receive news alerts. Choose the sources that are less likely to sensationalize the news, and opt in with those that have best evidence as their goal. Massage & Bodywork One resource for research summaries is right in front of you. Every issue of Massage & Bodywork publishes this column on somatic research, with topics ranging from research literacy to applying research to session planning. Rather than summarizing just one research project, as other magazines and news sources do, the Somatic Research column delves into the body of evidence for a particular population or condition, such as older adults, chronic pain, or diabetes, and provides you with expansive, balanced research data to assist you in making informed clinical decisions. The magazine is delivered bimonthly in both print and digital editions (ABMP provides an email alert when the digital version is available), and back issues are archived and available online at ABMP. com. Whether you commit to one Somatic Research article a day or one a week, make it one of your regular reads. Massage Therapy Foundation The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) is the premiere source for information on massage research. Since April 2011, the MTF has been partnering with Massage Today to 50 massage & bodywork march/april 2012

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