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March/April 2012

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WHAT'S ON THE WEB Those Quirky QR Codes High-Tech Ways to Wow Your Clients It's likely that you've come across these funny-looking splotches of black and white dots in magazine ads and editorial, in business flyers and postcards, and on storefronts. Originally created in 1994 for use in the Japanese automobile industry as a way to track parts, QR codes ("quick response" codes) are two-dimensional bar codes that can be read by smartphones and tablet scanners. Using these devices' built-in cameras, scanners interpret the codes and perform actions, like opening a website or calling a phone number. (Many Android, Nokia, and Blackberry devices come with QR code readers installed; iPhone and iPad 2 users can download free scanners from the Apple App Store.) Businesses big and small have adopted QR codes into their marketing materials because the codes are cheap to create, offer customers a means to access and record a company's information, and provide basic analytics for business owners (e.g., the number of people who scanned the link and the location of scans). Within the past 12 months, the use of QR codes has exploded in the United States. For instance, Starbucks recently began distributing bookmarks with QR codes that, when scanned, take customers to a poll where they can vote for their favorite coffee blends. FREE Code Generators Bitly Google Kaywa Microsoft FREE Code Scanners QR app Red Line TapReader Zappit LTD

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