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March/April 2012

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technique BODYREADING THE MERIDIANS | @WORK | ESSENTIAL SKILLS | MYOFASCIAL TECHNIQUES Online Education A Convenient and Inexpensive Way to Learn By Ben E. Benjamin Not long ago, learning was restricted to attending class on campus or through mail correspondence. But today, if we take a look at any student under the age of 30, they have lived nearly their entire life with access to computers, and it seems only logical that education would be accessible in the medium to which younger generations are accustomed. But how does online education measure up as a platform for presenting massage therapy education, a manual therapy that is all about touch? At first, I thought online education was quite limited. I Many subjects can be taught online, but hands-on massage therapy at the beginning and novice level, in my opinion, cannot. 110 massage & bodywork march/april 2012 didn't believe you could learn information that was usually gained by hands-on experience on a computer, let alone teach the anatomy of the human body in an online format. But now that I've experienced this medium, I realize that I was wrong. There are, in fact, many surprising benefits to online learning, even in massage therapy. A large portion of massage therapy education is rooted in textbook learning, not just hands-on practice. With the wide array of learning styles, delivery of this content can be more successful through the use of an online environment: visual learners can watch videos and PowerPoint presentations, auditory learners can listen to recorded lectures and terminology pronunciations, and kinesthetic learners can follow along at their own pace while performing palpation exercises.

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