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By Brandon Twyford ABMP MEMBER PROFILE Many massage therapists fi nd that donating their services for a good cause makes their already rewarding work even more fulfi lling. MT Shannon Ulewicz of NorthHill Therapeutic Bodywork in Evansville, Indiana, agrees, and she's embarking on an important trek to raise money and awareness in the fi ght against HIV/ AIDS. Ulewicz is taking part in AIDS/Lifecycle (ALC)—a seven-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, June 4–10, 2017. Ulewicz will travel with the group and provide the riders and volunteers with much- needed massage and bodywork services to bring them relief from the pain that comes with such a grueling endurance ride. In addition to her work as a massage therapist, Ulewicz is an engineer at Toyota. "I've spent much of my life pursuing quality and helping people as an engineer," she says. "While that's rewarding, I don't get to see the people I help nestled safely in their vehicles. I desired a deeper, more personal way of helping, centered around function and quality of life." Ulewicz embraced her massage therapy career as one more way she could help others. "Massage is so amazingly rewarding in that you can truly, deeply help someone on such a personal level. That is why I feel moved to participate in ALC and fundraise." To learn more about AIDS/Lifecycle, visit To support Ulewicz in her fundraising efforts,visit www.tofi Favorite TV show: I'm absolutely hooked on The Walking Dead. I haven't missed an episode since it started! Favorite band/artist: Tie: Metallica & Nickelback Favorite food: Kraut balls (something I was introduced to when I moved to the Evansville, Indiana, area) Favorite book: Anything by Stephen King Favorite quote: "Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway." —Eleanor Roosevelt Shannon Ulewicz This therapist is massaging to raise awareness in the fi ght against HIV/AIDS. Photos Courtesy Jenna Citrus Rueger.

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