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September/October 2012

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ADVERTORIAL Hands on experience, the 3D way!!! 3D Anatomy for Manual Therapies DVD-ROM Who are Primal Pictures? We are an award winning medical software publisher founded in 1991 with the aim of creating the most detailed and accurate 3D rendering of the human body using real scan data. Having completed that goal in 2003 we have used our 3D models to create a range of innovative, customised titles aimed at specifi c medical specialties and established ourselves as a leading content provider in medical education and practice. For all our hard work we are especially proud to have recently won the Queens Award for Enterprise 2012: Innovation. About the title! Working with a team of the top names in massage and manual therapy, headed up by Judith DeLany, we recently released 3D Anatomy for Manual Therapies, a comprehensive digital resource for massage and manual therapists in training and practice. The aim of this title is to provide an intuitive and comprehensive multimedia guide for this challenging profession. Practitioners as well as students will be able to view a wide range of techniques and modalities, which clarify anatomy and functional movements. There is a comprehensive muscle and trigger point atlas and manual therapies topics section covering 27 techniques such as Rolfi ng, Trager, Craniosacral therapy and Kinesiotaping. All techniques are supported with text and multimedia material including 126 surface anatomy and manual therapy video clips, 67 muscle function animations, 137 slides and illustrations. Also included is an impressive interactive 3D anatomy section, which lets the user add and remove layers of anatomy from skin to bone and rotate and zoom the 3D model at any stage. All visible structures can be highlighted and labeled making learning anatomy memorable. This title can also enhance consultations by giving patients a better understanding by effectively explaining their condition and treatment program using the detailed and accurate visual aids. Plus all content can be saved and exported and used in hand-outs and PowerPoint presentations, royalty free. This easy to use software will help you and your clients gain a deeper understanding about the human body in 3D and provides a time saving reference. We are pleased to be offering a 20% discount. To take advantage of this offer please visit and enter discount code MBWAD12 at the checkout or email for more information. SAVE 20% – Now $220 – Normally $275 Use offer code MBWAD12 at the checkout With Judith DeLany • Enhance your practice and consultations. • Help patients gain a better understanding of their treatment program. • Add to your personal knowledge and understanding of manual therapy techniques. • Own an extensive library of images, video clips animations and slides, which can be exported and used in presentations and hand-outs.

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