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January/February 2011

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Trigger points in his hamstrings will reduce strength and more importantly, increase the possible onset of fatigue, which changes the firing pattern. Hamstring fatigue increases as the season wears on, especially if he is playing so many minutes. You might plan on seeing him more as the season progresses." "I will do that. You know, I just realized that before I pursue a treatment strategy, I should be absolutely sure it is in response to the right question." and principal instructor for Precision Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars and president of the 16-therapist clinic BodyWork Associates in Champaign, Illinois. His clinic, seminars, and research endeavors explore the science behind this work. Visit or email him at Douglas Nelson is the founder Each discipline has a bias, a lens through which the problem is seen. That bias is both our strength and an enormous blind spot. All of us need to be vigilant in questioning the assumptions we make based on that bias. earn CE hours at your convenience: abmp's online education center, 85

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