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WHAT'S INSIDE? JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017 FEATURES 54 ESSENTIAL OILS & ACUPRESSURE FOR FIBROMYALGIA Moving beyond a Western paradigm, this author considers a holistic approach for easing clients' pain and symptoms. By Wolfgang Luckmann 62 HOW BREATH CAN IMPACT YOUR CLIENTS' FIBROMYALGIA PAIN A wealth of evidence points to a connection between chronic conditions and breathing pattern disorders. Explore how to help guide your clients. By Leon Chaitow, ND, DO 72 ELBOW ROOM An accomplished bodyworker was able to use her shattered elbow as a way to help clients through their own healing journeys. By Marybetts Sinclair 82 WHY CLIENTS STRAY It's an odd feeling when you learn a client has sought bodywork from another therapist. Here are tips to ensure they always turn— or return—to you for their sessions. By Tera Johnson-Swartz 84 ETHICS OF A THAI DOCTOR In Thailand, MTs are referred to as doctors of massage, and that title comes with a moral imperative. Learn more about the oath they uphold and how it can relate to your practice. By Josh Jayintoh 112 112 EFFECTIVE TOUCH FOR FIBROMYALGIA An estimated 75 percent of individuals who suffer from fi bromyalgia have tried massage therapy as a solution for chronic pain. Learn about how to ensure your touch is effective. By Ginevra Liptan, MD, and Jamie Liptan 48 ABMP MEMBER PROFILE: Mark White

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