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MINDFUL MONEY best practices You Already Have What It Takes By Jennie Hastings 30 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k j a n u a r y / f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 7 leaps of faith. Taking the leap means believing in yourself and trusting that as you reach out for what you want, you are inviting what you need to come to you. OUR PERCEPTIONS OF VALUE In this column, I have written a lot about value. The value we place on our work has everything to do with how we present ourselves to the world as massage therapists and bodyworkers. If we want to be recognized and compensated as service professionals that are as vital to our clients' lives as their accountants, doctors, and lawyers, we need to recognize ourselves in this way. It is common to want to wait until we have one more modality certification, one more massage tool, or the perfect office before we step up our marketing game. This idea is holding us back from being our best selves. It is a way of procrastinating. The certificates on the wall, a new towel warmer, and the sign outside the office door are not the things preventing us from realizing our value and letting ourselves be seen. We are the only obstacles preventing this from happening. It takes courage to go to a networking event and introduce ourselves to strangers and talk about our work. It takes courage to spread our message on our blogs Do you have a clear vision for your massage career? Do you have a goal of how many clients you would like to see each week, how much they will pay you, and how you will balance work with the rest of your life? If the answer is yes, bravo! It is imperative to have a strong vision of what you want, if you truly want to get there. But let me guess—are you waiting for something to fall into place before you really go for it? Maybe you are waiting for your website to be complete. Maybe you are waiting for the money to upgrade your office. Maybe you are waiting until you have learned that new modality. Or maybe you are waiting for a sign from the universe, to lose 10 pounds, or to get your teeth fixed. Whatever it is, it does not matter. You already have everything it takes to succeed. There will never come a time when you feel perfectly ready. Waiting for perfection in any part of life is a recipe for missing out. Nobody who reaches success has done so from a point of feeling 100 percent prepared. Life requires

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