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November/December 2011

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what's on the web BY LARA EVANS BRACCIANTE SHARE AND SHARE A To add social media share buttons, including the Facebook "Like" button, visit www. sharebuttons. Maybe you've heard a little something about this thing called Facebook? Or Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+? Social media is everywhere, and your massage practice can benefit from it, whether you have a business presence on social media or not. But you do need a website. If you don't have one of those yet, visit the Members section. Everything you need to create a professional website—domain (site name), hosting, professional designs, starter copy, unlimited pages, and advanced settings—are part of the ABMP Website Builder, included with your membership. This is a superb value, so be sure to take advantage of this benefit. Now, let's get people talking about that website and building traffic to it. JUST THE CLICK OF A SHARE BUTTON Social media "share" buttons provide an easy opportunity for your website visitors to share your site with their contacts. When a visitor selects, for example, the Facebook "Like" button, a link to your website appears on their Facebook page, and most of their friends will see it. Viewed as an endorsement, this virtual word-of-mouth referral can be a powerful tool for targeted leads. To add a share button to your website, visit your social media of choice, select the button style you prefer, and copy the associated HTML code. You will paste this into your website source code. If you're using the ABMP Website Builder, simply go to your "Set Profile" page and paste it into the designated module. You'll be given placement options, and you may want to experiment with the best location for your template. And all of this is at no cost to you. Even if you're hesitant about setting up a social media business presence because you are not committed to the required maintenance, you can still take advantage of the "viral- ness" through share buttons. information services for ABMP. She tries to avoid oversharing on social media. Lara Evans Bracciante is the director of tune in to your practice at ABMPtv 15

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