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January/February 2008

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contributors IN THIS ISSUE Besides juggling three jobs, Robert's a stay-at-home dad with two children. He is a massage therapist, bibliophile, cinemaphile, and SpongeBobophile. His lovely wife is a psychologist. 1 Robert Chute part-time jazz/blues drummer, who's written for The New York Times and National Perry is an avid swimmer, mediocre tennis player, slow cyclist, great chef, and Geographic. He's been falling on and off the meditation cushion for thirty years. His latest book, Buddha or Bust, is a national bestseller. Whitney is a key figure in the massage therapy profession, known for his contributions to quality education and standards in the field. He feels fortunate to have an occupation that is such an inspiring passion. 3 Whitney Lowe 2 Perry Garfinkel Martin Misenhimer 4 Martin learned Thai massage from lineage masters in Thailand and North America and is dedicated to bringing the ancient art to the West. When he's not mountain biking or sea kayaking, he searches the world for exotic cuisines and amazing scuba diving. Ruth Werner 5 Ruth is a key pathology expert and massage therapy educator. She and her husband are lovingly planning their next home, which will be too small for Boomerang Children. She is an avid quilter, and her pieces are displayed in discerning locations all across the country. Anne Williams 6 Anne demonstrates expertise in education, esthetics, counselling, and massage therapy. She's a literature-loving, horse-loving, Colorado-loving gal who only leaves her Mac for yoga or globetrotting with her husband. 8 massage & bodywork january/february 2008

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