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January/February 2008

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42 INSIGHT AND OPPORTUNITY When we look to the future, we see a changing horizon for massage trends. So, let's shake the bodywork tree and consider what's in store. BY KARRIE OSBORN 52 WHAT'S UP IN CANADA? Practitioners to the north have a very different professional landscape than those in the United States. What can you learn from their experience? BY ROBERT CHUTE 62 MYTHS OF THAI MASSAGE Sometimes practitioners are intimidated by this work that is so intriguing to clients. Here, a Thai-educated teacher addresses some misconceptions. BY MARTIN MISENHIMER 74 RECLAIMING ITS ROOTS Thai bodywork and herbal treatments are the subjects of study thanks to an initiative sponsored by Thailand's Ministry of Public Health. BY PERRY GARFINKEL 82 MASSAGE FOR MUSICIANS Injuries are being recognized increasingly as a potential hazard of the physical nature of playing instruments. See how massage therapy can help. BY DOUG NELSON, DEBORAH LIEBERMAN, AND JAN KIENER 92 APPRECIATING CHALLENGES Prospective clients with physical challenges offer therapists opportunities to expand their practices into new—and rewarding—realms. BY DIANE M. MARTY

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