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January/February 2008

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new products COMPILED BY SEAN EADS Yoga for Fibromyalgia Karen Grove's DVD series shows numerous yoga exercises to help ease muscle pains caused by fi bromyalgia. Coining the term fi broga, Grove's Fibroga 1 DVD demonstrates modifi ed yoga stretches using a chair to relieve tension in all parts of the body. Fibroga 2 focuses on more fl oor and strength-building exercises. The emphasis throughout is to work to your own abilities and both DVDs end with a period of body scanning meditation. DVDs are available for $16 at 888-774-7007 or AromaGear Evo Solutions' AromaGear is an essential oil holster designed to hold up to seven of your favorite essential oils by your side. Worn on the hip and supported on a cotton belt that can accommodate waist sizes between 27 and 42 inches, the essential oil holster is designed to hold 5-milliliter containers. Available in purple, red, and black, the essential oil holster is currently sold as part of a set with the lotion slinger for $44.95 at 303-716-1619 or Gratitude Joy CD Anand Anugrah and Paul Avgerinos' new CD features a continuous, 65-minute single track of three word chants. The repetition of om, hari om, and shiva om chanted to light musical accompaniment creates layered harmonics that are designed to interweave joy, longing, and gratitude to help the listener merge into the Universal. Available from Real Music for $14.95 at 800- 398-7325 or Acupressure Taping This 122-page book from Hans-Ulrich Hecker, MD, and Kay Liebchen, MD, is a straightforward, easy-to-follow guide to acutaping, a technique that combines massage and acupressure for the self-treatment of pain using elastic tape. The tape is applied to the body in accordance to acupressure points and worn beneath the clothes. Ordinary movement shifts the skin against the subtissue thereby massaging connective tissue and draining lymph tissue. Simple step-by-step instructions are supplemented by copious color illustrations. Available for $16.95 at 800- 246-8648 or 18 massage & bodywork january/february 2008

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