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January/February 2012

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Care It seems like a no-brainer to most, but remember to always use fresh sheets for every client. Why? A grossed- out client is not going to be a repeat client. "Where I was trained, it was required by law that sheets should be laundered between clients. I would expect nothing less," says Jill Nelson from Washington, D.C. Far more important than the "ick" factor is that "certain [diseases] can be passed from one client to the next … we can't know if they have active infections," says Sharin Lambert of Texas. And don't forget your own safety—if not washed properly, the oils in your sheets can build up and possibly even cause a dryer fire. Not to mention they'll get pretty stinky and unpleasant when embedded oils start to go rancid. "Some oils, grape seed for one, have a very short shelf life and do not come completely out of your sheets, and when it turns, your sheets smell bad!" Sharin Lambert, Texas "Once you start a laundering pattern, keep with it. Too many changes give an inconsistent vibe to your clients." Michelle Alexander- Batac, California "Buy all flat sheets. They're easier/quicker to fold and take up less space in storage." MaryPat Payne, Illinois "Twin XL sheets fit over pillows and bolsters." Peggy Gray, Colorado Color "Color is important and should be inviting to the senses," says Jacqueline Lander in Illinois. Think about the impression your sheets convey. Judy Watkins in Florida says she tries to "avoid striped or flowery sheets to prevent clients from feeling the sheets are too feminine, masculine, or childish." "I have observed that lighter sheets show oil a lot less, so I avoid dark sheets." Nancy McCarthy, Arizona "The knit bags that jersey sheets come in can be used to hold rice bags/ hot packs." Beth Powers Johnson, Virginia Make sure you connect with us to get your voice heard in next issue's Tell Me … @ABMPmassage mp Reader Poll WHAT TYPE OF MASSAGE SHEETS DO YOU PREFER? BAMBOO 11% (HIGH THREAD COUNT) COTTON 46% COTTON (LOW 2% THREAD COUNT) (COTTON POLY BLEND) COTTON 2% FLANNEL 4% JERSEY KNIT 29% MICROFIBER 2% OTHER 4% Celebrate ABMP's 25th anniversary and you may win a refund on your membership. 21 Tips & TRICKS

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