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January/February 2012

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SPEAK YOUR MIND I have two professional pet peeves. One: Women complaining about not shaving their legs before a massage. I explain to them that we don't even notice those little hairs. What we are focusing on is the feeling of the tissue beneath our touch and concentrating on that. Two: When clients show up late. I book my massage appointments every hour and a half. My massages usually take 70–75 minutes. When someone shows up late, then I feel I have to still stay in that time frame, which usually makes me feel like I rushed the massage. You should not rush craniosacral treatments. JUDITH WAY IDYLLWILD, CALIFORNIA Clients who do not shower before sessions. And no-shows! CHERYL SMITH NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE What are your professional pet peeves? ABMP's Facebook page at It's all semantics, but when I'm introduced, and people look at me sideways with raised eyebrows and a questioning look and call me a "masseuse," it makes me nuts. At the same time, it's an opening for a brief educational response about the value of massage therapy today. If I'm the first massage therapist they've ever met, all the better to leave them with a more informed view of our profession. ELLEN NEWTON STETSON SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA My biggest professional pet peeve is MTs bad-mouthing other MTs. As a therapist, my concentration is on my clients and taking care of them. I really wish that this would be addressed in ethics classes. I would love to hear from other MTs if they have run into this. MICHELLE BUTON JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE 14 massage & bodywork january/february 2012

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