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January/February 2012

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READER FORUM HOW DO YOU MEASURE COMPASSION? Thank you for printing Robert Chutes's piece on compassion versus technique ["How Do You Measure Compassion," November/December 2011, page 127]. It was well written; I think every new therapist should read this one. After 20-plus years in practice myself, I too have struggled with these thoughts. It's very easy when working in the fi eld day after day to simply give in to routine and stop feeling. We must work at fostering our intuition and keeping the healing in our profession even though we still have a living to make. Well done—keep it up! SHARON SPAZIANI MILLSTONE, NEW JERSEY NICE COVER! Nice Wordle on the new issue's front page. Made me think of you, Kristin Coverly, from the Cherry Hill, New Jersey, ABMP BizFit Live: "Successful Practice Workshop." :) JILL BREIER VIA FACEBOOK MAKING TOUGH CHOICES This is in response to the "Making Tough Choices" article in the November/December issue of Massage & Bodywork [page 20]. I'd like to respond to the statement: "Imposing energy work on clients who don't want it and haven't requested it isn't appropriate." We need to keep in mind that all human interaction, especially touch, involves energy, whether it's conscious or not. A massage practitioner who is centered, grounded, and fully present will have an entirely different quality of touch than a practitioner who is scattered and mentally rehearsing their evening plans. Both practitioners are working with and transferring energy. The difference will be felt by almost all clients as a difference in quality of touch, regardless of their belief system or experience with "energy work." All bodywork is energy work. That being said, if a client is paying for and expects the session to be "on-body" work instead of "off-body" work, then by all means meet the client's expectations. ANNE KATOCH DULUTH, MINNESOTA MORE BULL RIDING I am a massage therapist and work on horses, humans, and dogs. I am also an animal lover. I have found that the bulls that are used for the big events are extremely well cared for. They are very valuable animals and, in some cases, are insured for their abilities. The stockowners for the large events typically use them for eight seconds each at many events during the season. When not working, they are fed and turned out in "Bull Heaven" pastures. They get excellent vet care, too. More and more owners and trainers are turning to therapeutic care. I work on many different kinds of athletic horses (jumpers, dressage, cutting, trail riders). I would suggest you continue these types of articles. Being in Texas, I work on cowboys and cowgirls as well as city folk—everyone benefi ts. Everyone needs to be more informed about massage and all its benefi ts. Thanks ABMP, keep up the great work. PAULA CABLE LIBERTY HILL, TEXAS FROM MASSAGE PROFESSIONALS.COM If you've been reading the back page column at Massage & Bodywork for the last three years, that's been me writing that stuff. My Practitioner Parables column has been fun to write and I've been very pleased with the feedback we've received from readers. If you read as far as the author tag on the bottom of the page, you'll know I'm going on a sabbatical of sorts. After almost 20 years beside the table, it was time for a break and some exploration. I very much appreciate all the kind emails I've been getting. Thanks for the nice words, and no, there's no cause for concern. I'm fi ne. Just doing something different and doing some reevaluation. Bye for now! ROBERT CHUTE I've enjoyed your columns immensely, and look forward to more after your time-out. Your perspective, humor, and wisdom have provided a lucid picture of our fi eld. RICK ROSEN Best of luck and I will miss your column. I very much enjoyed your sense of humor and found your writing quite informative. JODY HUTCHINSON Guess I'll have to start reading the magazine from the front to the back like a normal person now. Good luck on the new leg of your journey! MARISSA Celebrate ABMP's 25th anniversary and you may win a refund on your membership. 11

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